VC203-K139 Evac Kit

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K139 Evac Kit with Valve Covers
The Kevko Evac Kits have been designed to give the racer a complete kit to install this system. We recomend using the Evac Kit on open or crate engines 360 cubic inches or less. We have built these kits to work with just about any engine or valve cover option but this kit includes the polished cast valve covers for a a nice clean installation.
The Evac system allows you to draw crank case pressure away from the engine using the passing exhaust to pull a vacuum. The hoses route the air through the Kevko K139 Evac Air/Oil Separator canister to keep the oil off the headers.
Valve Covers are setup with Fill at the Front and -12 AN at the rear.

Kit Includes:

(1) Hose Clamp