What stroke will your pans clear?
All small block Ford, Chevrolet, and Mopar will clear a minimum of 4.125" Stroke. With the exception of our Standard 1071 Oil pan, all Kevko big block oil pans will clear a minimum of 4.25" Stoke

What modifications do the pouch pans need for a block with splayed caps?
The 1092pp and 1096 pans use a scraper that may need to be notched to fit splayed caps. Check all your clearances before installing

Upon the arrival of my Kevko Pan, the bolt holes seem to be a skewed from the block. What causes this?
While every pan at Kevko is checked on a block for proper alignment, in time, due to the amount of welding, shipping and handling of the product, some tend to twist. To properly realign the pan use a tape measure and measure diagonally from each of the 2 end caps. The measurement should be the same in both directions. If the pan is off, use a long bar clamp, port-a-power, or jack to bring back to square. It is not uncommon to have to sometimes use a mallet to move the pans just right. They are high performance and built for the stress of racing. They are built to take some abuse.

The only exception is on a Ford 2300 pan. To bring the pan to square test fit on the block until your holes are all aligned.

What should the clearance be between the pan and the pickup tube?
Before installing the pan, using children’s play dough, grease or some type of soft material, place on top of the pickup tube and set the pan down. Measure the gap of grease. It should measure between ¼“- ⅜”

When I order my new Kevko Pan what color will it be?
The color of the pan on the website typically denotes the color of what it should be. All pans painted are done in house and all pans zinc plated are shipped out for plating. If the pan is out of stock, or ordering a custom pan, there may be up to a 1 month wait to get the pan zinc plated. If you are in a hurry for it, we can ship it to you painted black to speed up the process. If you have decided that you will paint it another color to match your project, we can send the pan out to you in raw form, so you may do so.

Is plating vs. painting less money?
The cost between plating and painting is the same; the advantage to paint is that you may receive it much sooner without waiting for it to go to plating.

My sanctioning body requires a 1” inspection plug- do you install them?
Yes, any pan that we build may have an inspection plug installed. Specify on your order that you would like it. We also sell inspection plug kits for you to install if you have already purchased a pan. The cost to add an inspection plug to your pan is $12.00.

I would like to run oil drain backs in my engine. Do you offer pans with drain back fittings?
Yes, we can install drain backs into any pan using any fitting style you need.

Do Kevko oil pans fit any starter?
No, our pans with the power pouch will not clear a high torque starter without the gear reduction. All pans will accept a mini starter, and we do stock the Proform starter.

What style big block pans do you offer?
We stock both cores for the Gen. IV big block with the thick seals and also the newer style Gen. V with the thin seals for the one piece crank seal.

Can I order a Ford front sump with a windage tray?
Unfortunately no, the Ford front sumps are too close to the crank that there is no room left in the pan for the windage tray. You may still run the Ford factory windage tray.

I purchased a Kevko product that I have now decided not to use. Can I return it?
Any product that has been purchased from us in the past 30 days can be returned. Upon arrival of your product, we will inspect for any damage. If the product is damaged we will return it back to you at your cost of the shipping. If the packaging of the product is deemed unusable, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee.

Can I get better appearing welds on a steel pan, for instance for my show car?
We can tig weld any steel pan and the additional cost will usually vary between $75.00 and $150.00.

Will the Kevko Ford pans clear the 4 bolt rear mains?
Yes our pans can be built to clear the 4 bolt rear mains, but we need to know that when the pan is ordered, so that we can do the clearance during production. The price depends on what block and main cap you are using. 

Do you offer gift cards?
We do offer gift cards, or gift certificates available by contacting us at 1-800-770-3557.

How do I order a pan for custom application?
The best way to have a custom pan built is by the customer providing a sketch with the dimensions, fitting locations, depth, kick outs, etc that will work for their application. A lot of this information can also be taken over the phone or email or by sending pictures of the project in the planning and production stages.

The best way to create a custom oil pan is to fill out the worksheet provided below and mail, fax or scan and email the completed form to Kevko Racing Oil Pans & Components. If you have any questions regarding the completion of the worksheet, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.