Kevko Marketing/Sponsorship Offer

We are excited to announce our new marketing program! Every year we get hundreds of racers all over the country looking to partner with Kevko and we have finally put together a program that we hope to benefit Kevko and Racers alike.

How it works:

Step 1. Display the Kevko Brand!
To begin your marketing partnership with Kevko, we require everyone to carry the Kevko Logo on their Race Car. This includes Circle Track, Off-Road, Drag Racing, Street Racing, or any project you are working on that you feel is going to gain exposure for yourself and Kevko. We have added a sticker to our website that we require to be on an outside panel of your car (Door, Quarter Panel, Nose, Sale Panel). Please follow the link to our sticker and or you may CLICK HERE for a .PDF file of the Kevko Logo. The logo must be a minimum of 12" X 32" to qualify.
Step 2. Get your Discounts!
Once you have received your sticker, simply forward us a picture with the Kevko logo being displayed on your car! You can send your pictures to with a little information about your race team and we will send you your own Kevko Discount Code to save you 15% off anything that Kevko has to offer! This discount is good for absolutely anything we offer at Your coupon code will remain in effect for one full calendar year!
Step 3. Promote our Brand!
We are excited to network with different race teams across the country. We are proud to support local racing, as it has been the core of where Kevko started in 1986. We ask that you do your best to promote Kevko on all levels from local racing, social media, car shows, or whatever way you have found to be effective. Please keep in mind, that we also hold everyone to a certain level of professionalism, and know that your actions on and off the track do represent our company. We are excited to work with you, and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out any time!
In exchange for partnership outlined below, Kevko agrees to provide the following:
Custom 15% off discount code on ALL Kevko products at effective from January 1, 2023 to Dec. 31,2023.
In Exchange for the Above, Team agrees to Provide Kevko with the following consideration:
The use of Kevko products MUST be utilized on all applicable areas of the vehicle where a Kevko Product is available. The use of the Kevko 12” X 32” Sticker must be located outside of body (Door, Quarter Panel, Sale Panel, Hood, or Nose)
Recommended use of the Kevko Logo on the teams driving suit and race day uniforms.
Whenever appropriate, acknowledgement of Kevko in team promotional materials, handouts, manufacturer support, and public relations.
Provide Kevko with high res license free digital color photograph of the car, team and driver for use in social media marketing or other promotional use.
Tag Kevko on all applicable social media channels.
Include Kevko Logo on Driver or Teams website or other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Etc. “Like” and Follow Kevko to be available for tags.
Kevko expects our partners to act in a professional manor on and off the track, anything that could be construed as detrimental to the Kevko brand could lead to termination of your discounts.