Oil line exits "Straight Down- one long, one short"
LS F Body Oil pan LS F Body Oil Pan LS F Body Oil Pan Oil line exits "Straight Down- one long, one short" LS F-Body KIT<br>Off Road/Road Race<br>5" Deep

Introducing Kevko KIT PRICING!

Retail Price: $701.50

**Total Savings: $101.91**

Pan Depth: 5"
Pan Capacity: 6 Quarts (5.7 Liters)
System Capacity: 7 Quarts (6.6 Liters)

Description: 11" Long, 8-3/8" Wide, 5" Deep Rear Sump. 1-3/4" Front Depth.

Designed for the F-Body but primarily used in the Off-Road Racing world. Features a Diamond gate design that forces oil through the center assembly regardless the angle or direction of the vehicle, for excellent oil control to the pick-up tube. Must have for any Rock Crawler or Off-Road LS project!

Everything listed below will be included in the Kit.

Part Number Description
LS103-5 5" Pickup Tube With New O-ring
K128 Kevko Dipstick
K137 LS Oil Pan Bolt Kit
K129 Remote Filter Adapter
51515 Wix Oil Filter
K123 10' Foot of Parker High Temp Hose
K132, K133, K134 #10 Push Lock Fitting Options (4 Required)
OS30963 LS Victor Reinz Oil Pan Gasket
KT1 Kevko T-Shirt (Select Size when ordering)


Optional Accessories

 Part # Description
K9034 LS Motor Mounts ADD
51515 Additional Wix Oil Filters ADD
DP-1M Magnetic Drain Plug ADD