Ford 2300 Flat Bottom Pan

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Pan Dimensions: 5.5” Deep, 10" Wide, 16.5" Long
Pan Capacity:  4 Quarts (3.8 Liters)
System Capacity: 5 Quarts (5.7 Liters)

Description: Flat bottom Pan has multiple gates, a crank scraper, and a louvered windage tray. It fits with a stock starter, and there’s a hole in the tray for using your stock dipstick.

Oil Pan Accessories

 Part # Description
F803-1 Matching pickup tube for Kevko F800 ADD
F800Stud Main Cap Stud to support F800 Pickup tube ADD
M86C Stock Volume Oil Pump ADD
M86CHV High Volume Oil Pump ADD
K813 2.3 Oil Pan Stud Kit ADD
F811 Reinforcement Rails ADD
OS34211R Fel-Pro 1 piece oil pan gasket ADD


Optional Accessories

 Part # Description
VC212 Fabricated Aluminum 2.3L Valve Cover ADD
VS50043R1 Fel-Pro 2.3 Valve Cover Gasket ADD