Sportsman Pouch Pan

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Pan Depth: 7.5"
Pan Capacity:  8 Quarts (7.6 Liters)
System Capacity: 9 Quarts (8.5 Liters)

Description: 12" Long Sump, 14" Wide, 3" Right and Left Side Kickout 

 It has 6 gates, a diverter, full windage tray, crank scraper, oil temp fitting and an oil level plug. This pan has the same gating and capacity as the regular sportsman pan, but with an added power pouch on the right side.


Sold as Pan only. Pickup tube and Accessories listed below may be required.

 Part # Description
M101-1 318-360 Pickup Tube High Volume or Stock Volume ADD
M72 318-360 Standard Volume Oil Pump ADD
M72HV 318-360 High Volume Oil Pump ADD
IS-72 Oil Pump Drive Shaft ADD
OS6566C-2 318-340 Oil Pan Gasket ADD
OS6566C-3 360 Oil Pan Gasket ADD
DP-1 Additional Drain Plug ADD
DP-1M Magnetic Drain Plug ADD