Circle Track
4" Deep

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Pan Depth: 4"
Pan Capacity: 8 Quarts (7.6 Liters)
System Capacity: 9 Quarts (8.5 Liters)

Description: 16" Long, 12" Wide, 4" Deep Rear Sump. 1-3/4" Front Depth.

LS Oil Pan designed for low ground clearance, especially on asphalt. This pan has a louvered windage tray that works in conjunction with stock GM tray, 6 trap doors for very good oil control. It comes standard with 2 #10 AN remote oil filter fittings, oil temperature port and a level plug. Optional left front starter notch. (Select "YES" In the Varients)

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
LS1007-1 4" Circle Track Pickup Tube With New O-ring ADD
K129 Remote Filter Adapter ADD
51515 Wix Oil Filter ADD
K122-10-10 10' Foot of Parker High Temp Hose ADD
PHD-ST-10 #10 Push Lock-Straight ADD
PHD-45D-10 #10 Push Lock-45 Degree ADD
PHD-90D-10 #10 Push Lock-90 Degree ADD
OS30963 LS Victor Reinz Oil Pan Gasket ADD
K9034 LS Motor Mounts ADD
DP-1M Magnetic Drain Plug ADD