KR9090 Scratched

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KR9090 Tank was formed without Die Paper leaving a blemish in the finish of the tank. Same quality welding as all tanks, just with a slight forming defect.

Tank is sold with the tank with vented cap with your choice of -10 or -12 AN Fitting

Kit is sold with -12 AN Tank with Vented Cap, Hose, Push Lock Fittings, and proper fittings for any 9" or Quick Change Rearend.

Our new Kevko KR9090 LOW PROFILE rear end filler tank! This has been designed by racers for racers! We created the low profile design to eliminate large chunks of dirt and debris knocking the canister loose from the decking. Also, using 100% made in America material, we designed our O ring seal cap to eliminate dirt to be sucked into the canister. 

Comes standard with our new innovative vented cap, works great allowing the rear-end to vent through the canister!

When ordering, select your option of the AN fitting on the canister that matches up with your rear end housing.

Dimensions: 2.5" tank depth X 8" long X 4.5" wide tapered to drain.