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K9088 Breather Tank

Our new K9088 Breather Tank has been designed from the same design as our popular K9087 Power Steering Tank! This Low Profile design mounts along side our power steering tank and shares the center mounting hole. The Taller oil tank helps keep any oil separated farther from the breather. 
Tank Specs: 9" tall overall, Tank is 3.5" wide X 2.5" deep (not including fitting) Mounting holes are 4.5" apart
This breather offers a smaller profile breather, that still offers a 1" port for optimum breath-ability. Breather is included with every canister, as well as the 1/4" NPT pet cock valve to drain the tank.
The K9088 is available in -10 AN, -12 AN, -16 AN. Be sure to select your option when adding to cart. For custom breathers please call us at (800) 770-3557

Recommended Breather Tank Accessories 
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K126 Mounting Bolt Kit with Flush Mount Washer ADD
KWM-43100 1.00 Inch Roll Bar Mounting Kit (With Hardware) ADD
KWM-43125 1.25 Inch Roll Bar Mounting Kit (With Hardware) ADD
KWM-43150 1.50 Inch Roll Bar Mounting Kit (With Hardware) ADD
KWM-43175 1.75 Inch Roll Bar Mounting Kit (With Hardware) ADD
B102 Replacement 1" Non Shielded Breather  ADD
K124 Replacement 1/4" NPT Pet Cock Valve ADD
K130 1/4" NPT 1/4 Turn Drain ADD