F509 - 302
F510 - 351W
Box Pan

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Pan Depth: 7”
Pan Capacity:  10 Quarts (9.5 Liters)
System Capacity: 11 Quarts (10.4 Liters)
Stroke Clearance: 4.125" (With Steel Rods, Check Crank Scraper Before Final Install)  

Description: Kevko Circle Track Box Pan designed for the highest demands of circle track racing. This box pan controls oil with 8 trap doors on 4 separate gating assemblies all designed to keep oil at the pickup tube. Full length louvered windage tray to reduce oil temperatures and increase horsepower. The oil pan uses a raised power pouch compared to the F505 & F506 Oil pans, and installs through 2 flush mount O-Ring fittings. Notched to accept a forward mount mini starter. Pan also includes oil temp fitting and level plug. 

*Oil pans built for the SHP block are built to order and will be shipped raw, with no finish. Zinc Silver Plating is available - Call (800) 770-3557 for details.*

351W Accessories

Part Number Description
F506-1 351W Pickup Tube, works with Standard and High Volume Pumps ADD
M83 Standard Volume Pump ADD
M83HV High Volume Pump ADD
IS83 Intermediate Oil Pump Drive Shaft ADD
M-10833 Melling Select Performance Oil Pump ADD
1810 Fel-Pro Multi-Piece Gasket ADD
OS30214T Fel-Pro 1-Piece Gasket ADD


302 Accessories

 Part Number Description
F505-1 302 Pickup Tube-Works with Standard and High Volume Pumps ADD
F201STUD 302 Pickup Tube Support Stud ADD
M68 Standard Volume Oil Pump ADD
M68HV High Volume Oil Pump ADD
IS-68 Intermediate Oil Pump Drive Shaft ADD
M-10688 Melling Select Performance Oil Pump ADD
1809 Fel-Pro Multi-Piece Gasket ADD
OS13260T 221-302 Ford 1-Piece Gasket ADD


Miscellaneous Accessories

 Part Number Description
K128 Universal Dipstick ADD
K128LO Lo-Kar Polished Aluminum Universal Dipstick ADD
DP-1 Standard Drain Plug ADD
DP-1M Magnetic Drain Plug ADD
K9033 Ford Motor Mounts ADD
K9026 Lift Plate ADD