Aluminum Box Pan

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Pan Depth: 7-1/4”

Pan Capacity: 9 Quarts (9.5 Liters)
System Capacity: 10 Quarts (10.4 Liters)
Stroke Clearance: 4.125" (With Steel Rods, Check Crank Scraper Before Final Install)  

Description: Our 1097A aluminum circle track box pan is built with billet ends and rails. The included hardware bolts through tubes on the right side to install to eliminate the risk of dropping bolts inside the engine. The circle track gating using 8 indiviudal trap doors diverts oil to the the right rear of the oil pan where the external pickup tube is located. The 1097A-EXT has a full length removable tray louvered windage tray for better windge control inside the pan. It does not have a provision for a standard dipstick, you check oil using the level plug on the side of the pan. Other fittings are the 1/2" NPT Temp fitting, and optional inspection fitting. This 1097A uses the reverse mount starter only. 

UPDATE: As of March 1st 2023, we have converted our 1097A oil pans to install WITH gaskets. We recommend using the One Piece Fel-Pro Gaskets Listed below.

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