Low Profile Chevrolet Box Style Pan

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Pan Depth: 6.5”
Pan Capacity: 7 Quarts (6.6 Liters)
System Capacity: 8 Quarts (7.6 Liters)

Description: The same circle track pan we have used for years has finally been developed into a low profile asphalt oil pan. At only 6.5" Deep this pan gives you increased oil capacity and oil control but maintains as much ground clearance as possible in a wet sump oil pan. Full length power pouch on the right side that runs to the top of the rail. Great for High RPM engines above 7800. Inside there is a removable windage tray, oil control baffles and 10 gates! It will accept a Tilton style mini starter in the stock location.

Oil Pump/Pickup Tube Reference
 Pump Pickup Diameter Kevko Pickup Tube
M55, M55A, 10553ST 5/8 1005.6.5 ADD
M155, 10554ST 3/4 1005-6.5-3/4 A

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M55 Standard Volume, Standard Pressure ADD
M55A Standard Volume, High Pressure ADD
M155 Standard Volume, Standard Pressure ADD


 Part # Application

Left Hand Dipstick – 2 Piece Rear Seal (1957-1979)


Left or Right Hand Dipstick – 2 Piece Rear Seal (1957-1985)

1818 Right Hand Dipstick - 2 Piece Rear Seal (1980-1985) ADD
OS34500R Right Hand Dipstick - 1 Piece Rear Seal (1986-Up) ADD

Miscellaneous Accessories

 Part # Description
K120 Oil Pan Bolt Kit ADD
K125 High Pressure Oil Pump Spring ADD
DP-1 Drain Plug ADD
DP-1M Magnetic Drain Plug ADD
230-7002 ARP Oil Pump Stud ADD
IS-55E Melling Intermediate Oil Pump Drive Shaft ADD