1090 Kit

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We have finally taken the headache out of ordering your oil system, and saved you money!!! With Kevko Kits, you can chose the oil pan for your application, choose the Oil Pump you would like to use, and we will take care of the rest!

Once you select the block configuration, and the oil pump you would like to use, we will complete the Kit with everything you will need to install:

1090 Kevko Oil Pan (Matched to Your Block Configuration)

Oil Pump (Based on Your Selection)

Pickup Tube (Matched to your selected pump)

ARP Oil Pump Stud

One Piece Gasket (Matched to Your Block Configuration)

Oil Pan Bolt Kit

Pan Depth: 7-1/4”
Pan Capacity: 7 Quarts (6.6 Liters)
System Capacity: 8 Quarts (7.6 Liters)

Description: This pan has 3 gates, a scraper and a removable tray. This pan has a 12-1/4" Long Sump that is 10-3/4" Wide. This works great in most circle track modifieds and open chassis cars when needing ground clearance. Comes Standard with 1" Inspection Fitting"