Ford Cleveland Fox Body Pan

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Pan Depth: 8"
Pan Capacity:  6 Quarts (5.7 Liters)
System Capacity: 7 Quarts (6.6 Liters)

Description: Fits into Fox Body Mustangs with a Ford 351 Cleveland. 4 road race gates designed great for street, strip, and road racing.

* Pans may come painted black if platted version is out of stock*

Sold as Pan only. Pickup tube and Accessories listed below may be required.

 Part #


F609-1 Pickup Tube works with both High and Stock Volume Pumps ADD
M84A Stock Volume Oil Pump ADD
M84AHV High Volume Oil Pump ADD
IS-84A Intermediate Oil Pump Drive Shaft ADD
OS30227C Fel-Pro Oil Pan Gasket Set ADD
DP-1 Additional Drain Plug ADD
DP-1M Magnetic Drain Plug ADD