K117 Plug Kit & K118 Cap Kit
Aluminum AN Plug & Cap Kits

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Our new Cap and Plug kits come with anodized black AN fittings. These are not just dust covers, these are designed to used in street and racing applications. Cap or Plug and line or fitting needed and get yourself back on the track! Available in Plug Kits or Cap Kits, or save when you buy both kits together!

Individual fittings also available!

K117 Plug kit includes the following:

4-#3 AN Plugs

4-#4 AN Plugs

4-#6 AN Plugs

4-#8 AN Plugs

4-#10 AN Plugs

2-#12 AN Plugs

K118 Cap Kit Includes the Following:

4-#3 AN Caps

4-#4 AN Caps

4-#6 AN Caps

4-#8 AN Caps

4-#10 AN Caps

2-#12 AN Caps