Body Support Kit

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K9141 Body Brace Kit

Our all new Body Support Kit is designed to give the racer and affordable mounting solution while keeping it as simple as possible. Our new 45 degree bolt on tabs, allows you to stock only one style quarter panel support. Laser cut from .100" thick aluminum give you the repeatability every time you hang a new body, or replace body bracing after a wreck. 
This Kit includes:
(2) 61.5" Door Supports
(4) 31.5" Quarter Panel Supports
(4) 45 Degree Tabs
(1) Hardware Kit

Kevko Optional Body Accessories

K150 25 Pack of Body Bolts and Clip Nuts 
K23255 Breakaway T-Bar
K9128 Wissota Legal Adjustable Spoiler
K9130 USRA / USMTS Legal Spoiler
K8019 6" X 6" Access Panel
K8020 6" X 12" Access Panel
K8021 7" Round Access Panel
K8022 12" X 12" Access Panel