K139 <br> Evac Kit (Crate)

This kit is designed for the 602 & 604 Crate Motors. NO MODIFICATION NEEDED!

Kit comes complete with K9027 & K9028 Slip on fill & #12AN for 1-3/8" breather tubes, K139-1 Check Valve, K139-2 Weld in Pipe Fitting for header, 6' of #12 hose K123 & clamp, 2- straight #12AN fittings K116, 1- 90 degree #12AN fitting K117, and the K139 Evac Tank.

This system easily mounts along the firewall and connects between the valve cover and the header.  Tested by engine builders in the Midwest, this will create vacuum pressure in the crankcase, reduce windage, lower oil temps and can free up to 7 horse power!