Big Block Chevy Drag Pan

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Pan Depth: 8”
Pan Capacity:  9 Quarts (8.5 Liters)
System Capacity: 10 Quarts (9.5 Liters)

Description: This Chevrolet big block pan is commonly used for Marine or Drag race use. It is 8" deep, has a 17" long sump, a removable aluminum tray, scraper, and oil control gating.

Optional Accessories

(Kevko Oil Pans are sold including all required plugs. Kevko pickup tube and other accessories sold separate.) 
 Part # Description
1015 Matching Pickup Tube for Stock and High Volume Pumps ADD
M77 Stock Volume Oil Pump ADD
M77HV High Volume Oil Pump ADD
OS30061T Gen 4 Fel-Pro 1-Piece Gasket ADD
OS34407R Gen 5 Fel-Pro 1-Piece Gasket ADD
K128 Kevko Universal Dipstick ADD
K128LO LoKar Universal Dipstick, Polished Aluminum with Locking Top ADD
DP-1 Additional Drain Plug ADD
DP-1M Magnetic Drain Plug ADD